Fanfic Recs


A Good and True Mucking Up by Kho
Gibbs and Jack are in jail and bickering about it.

Braggart by mamazano
Gibbs reflecting on the stories he tells.

Course of Study by Penknife
"There's a lot to learn on the way to Singapore about being a pirate."

Courtship by Guede Mazaka
"Will is upset. Will is being wooed. Will is slightly confused by this." Turrowbeth.

Crossing the Bar by honorat
"Norrington has a decision to make. In the process memories of the past are dredged up. Every once in awhile, I have to write some raving sailing. Norrington has finally got the Black Pearl trapped. Jack is bound to do something crazy, but will it be the last thing he does?" Literally the best POTC fic I've ever read!

In Civilized Parts by Penknife
"It wasn't that Jack grew up without any rules, but he's not sure he likes these. For the prompt 'Jack's grown up in a world of pirates who see sex between men as unremarkable, but when he first spends some time on land, he learns it's a different world.'"

It's a Cold, Not the Black Death by pyromanicofthesea
"Jack gets sick and Gibbs makes sure he rests." Sparribbs.

On the Shoals by honorat
"Mr. Gibbs has an involuntary career change and an identity crisis."

Never Say We Die by Jedi Buttercup
"Ten years, three pirates, and one fate, entwined." Post-AWE

Nine Pieces of Eight by Penknife
"Nine people Calypso visited later in their dreams." Post-AWE

Scars by siryn99
"Every scar tells a story and theirs are no exception." Turrowbeth.

The Breaking Wave by shalott
An alternate ending to CotBP. Turrow.

The Highway Is For Gamblers by the_dala
Delves into the pasts of Scarlett and Giselle. Scarlett/Giselle.

The Lad by phantomofthehoepera
"In which naming the captain's son is a bit of a group effort."

The Teller of Tales by lilfluffykitten
Different versions of the story of how Gibbs got his flask.

The Thing About Pirates by Penknife
"Elizabeth's considering the question of what the Pirate King will and won't do." Post-AWE, Elizabeth/Anamaria/Jack.


A Long Way From Home by illogical squeeks
A 'modern girl in POTC' fic in which the girl in question immediately drowns and joins the Dutchman's crew.

My Fare Lady by Epon_Aruim
Down-on-his-luck Norrington meets Florence, a bartender at the Faithful Bride who's been exiled from her home country, Japan. They make a deal: he tutors her in English in exchange for food.